Flora Sheddon: from Bake-off to book to bakery

How refreshing to meet Flora Shedden, the youngest contestant on, and runner-up of, GBBO in 2015. AT only 21, she's already achieved more than many her age could dream of.  We met at Waterstone's when I introduced her inaugural event and signing for Gatherings, her first cookbook (Octopus, £25). (Continues after photo .../)

The big surprise is how little baking is in there and how many seriously savoury recipes she has created (check out her Meikle Logie Lamb, pearl barley risotto and speedy spicy tacos). But it's nothing to do with cutting down on sugar. Flora declared she would never dictate an eating regime like clean eating. Rather, she reckons - quite rightly - that a little bit of everything in moderation means you get a healthy balanced diet.

She's planning to open a bakery in Dunkeld, in her native Perthshire, and though she doesn't yet have a name for it it's likely to be Flora's. Oh, and she's also a presenter on BBC Scotland's Kitchen Cafe.

Here's to a new generation of young women cooks.