Low-calorie Scottish gin? It's all in the botanicals ...

Interesting news of a new low-cal Scottish gin. It's a juniper-distilled spirit called Minus 33 and while lower in alcohol it's higher in botanicals – including coriander seed, angelica, liquorice and orris roots, lavender, elderflower and orange and lemon peel.

In fact it's not really a gin. At just 33 per cent ABV, the spirit is under the 37.5 per cent threshold required to be called a gin. It can be sipped neat.

It's been created by Sam Trett, founder of LoCa Lab Distilling of Edinburgh, a company set up to explore innovative new approaches to drinks. The packaging - including a bag of hibiscus petals, included with every online order - is by Good of Glasgow.


Minus33-pack shot.jpg